Local Missionary Partners

Emmanuel Ameyaw — Missionary Church Planter | Ghana, West Africa
Mawuli Togbi-Wonyo — Missionary Church Planter and National Pastor | Togo, West Africa
Bryant & Sharan Crane — South Africa

Ghana, West Africa

Africa Shelter For Church ServiceI met and heard about some families who were trying to minister in Ghana and Togo, West Africa but were struggling with much needed funds. So I went to visit Emmanuel Ameyaw in Ghana. Emmanuel has a church and Christian school in the capital which is Accra. He is a missionary church planter with FBHM. He is from the northern part of Ghana. He wants to and has started 7 churches in the North. Most of the churches meet under trees so we are trying to get a structure built for each church. Also the training of the pastors is very hard because if a young man comes to Accra to be trained he does not want to go back to the North. In the North most do not have water or power, so the living is hard and the roads in Africa are so bad it is almost indescribable. It is very hard on  a vehicle. We have built some shelters, but more are needed. About $3,500 will build a shelter. Please pray for these needs. Emmanuel needs to train and teach these leaders in the North so they will stay there and minister. The Moslems are a very strong faith in the North.

Togo, West Africa

Mawuli, Stella, and Matthew Togbi-Wonyo are ministering in Lome, Togo which is the Capital. Mawuli was educated in the US. Then went back to take Jesus Christ to his country. Mawuli and his dad, Krame have started 18 churches throughout the country of Togo. Some of them meet under a tree also. Mawuli needs a vehicle to get around to the different areas where they do ministry. I have been there to visit and see the work and the people are precious. Please pray for Mawuli and Stella as they go to evangelize their communities. A useful tool they use is videos. But to show these they need to be able to get their materials and equipment to the sites. The people in these areas are tormented by many different kinds of false worship and spiritualism cults.