Local Missionary Partners

Iliobeert Destine — Missionary Pastor | Port au Prince, Haiti
Neftali Lopez — Missionary Church Planter | Dominican Republic

Haiti – 2015 Trip Update


In Haiti, we are working with Iliobert Destine. His wife is Camenn, and his son Daniel which they prayed for for ten years when doctors told them they would never have a child. Pastor Iliobert speaks five languages and signs for the deaf. This man walks by faith. He has his main church then other mission works and a Christian school. His church and house fell in the terrible earthquake but he has built it back now. He lived under a mango tree while he built it back. When I met him two years ago, he did not have a vehicle. We were able to help him acquire a pick-up that he now uses in his ministry. He is a Pastor to many other Pastors in Haiti. As in all places there are many false teachings and beliefs. So many people believe the way to Heaven is by doing “good works”. Brother Destine performs many weddings and baby dedications each month. We are planning trips to Haiti to do Bible schools during the day and conferences at night.

In March, I went to Gros-Morne to preach to 100 Pastors and Leaders. We had a wonderful time during this trip with many decisions made. As in all our trips I took many Salvation tracts, Romans booklets, pens, and pencils. We use the pencils and pens to give out in schools and on the streets as they have a message printed on them and also gets a crowd gathered. My cousin, Gloria Wood gave me some money to take on my last trip to Haiti to buy a computer for Pastor Destine. Pastor Destine just sent me an email on his new computer. He had many pictures on his camera that he could not get off until he got his computer.

Dominican Republic

In the Dominican Republic, we work with Pastor Neftali Lopez who is a missionary from Mexico. He has been in  the Dominican Republic for about two years. When I met him he was meeting on a hillside with a blue tarp tied on tree limbs. The first time I preached for them it was about 8:00pm in the evening and it was dark. We saw 25 professions that night and God has blessed them so much. We were able to take Pastor Lopez on for monthly support as we do all the Pastors we work with. Also we were able to buy that piece of land and build a building and help him get a van. He is having a house full on Sundays. We have been able to get into the schools in the Dominican Republic too. We can always use pens and pencils as I took thousands along with thousands of Salvation Tracts and Ties for the men. Please pray for these great people as they need training and experience in the good work God has called them to do.