Local Missionary Partners

Jose Samuel Amaya — Missionary Church Planter | Honduras
Ernesto Andrade — Missionary Church Planter | Honduras
Uriel Castro — Missionary | Costa Rica
Carlos Gomez — Missionary Pastor | Tosca, Honduras
Henry Gomez — Missionary Church Planter | Honduras
Juan Robles — Missionary Pastor | Bocas del Toro, Panama


Honduras is the first place outside of the US that I traveled to. David Perryman invited me to go as he was starting a children’s home close to San Pedro Sula a major city in Honduras. I helped with the home and eventually we built a 45 foot by 176 foot building that houses the Alpha and Omega children’s home. Fifty kids and house parents are there. All of this is paid for by caring people and churches. The kids at one time usually lived in trash dumps or on the street or their family did not have food to eat as many live in cardboard patched houses on dirt floors. The poverty breaks your heart but the kids and people are so kind and are hungry for God’s Word.

We have seen many saved and the people are so eager to know more knowledge. They will gladly receive salvation tracts and will want more to take to their families. When we are there we see people receive Christ on the streets, on buses, in restaurants,and door to door visitation. We do medical trips. We go into schools, churches and conferences. Many churches built, vehicles and buses bought. The kids in the home have grown up and are now preaching the Word. God is so faithful.

In Honduras, we have been able to provide children with Soccer-balls and uniforms for teams. As well as pens, pencils and gospel tracts for use at school. We have also been able to build a church.


Pastor Juan Robles is a missionary from Mexico. He has been there about two years. He is a very good faithful man. He has a Bible college where he is training men and women to love and obey their Heavenly Father. He was able to get a bus with our help and his church is growing. When I went to visit Panama I flew into Costa Rica and met Pastor Robles and his family and also Pastor Uriel Castro who is ministering in Costa Rica who also is from Mexico. On the bus ride through the mountains of Panama Pastor Robles son Ezequiel had a terrible seizure. I found out it was his second one in a few months. He is being treated at the Panama City Children’s hospital in the capital. It is a long trip for the Robles family. We saw people saved going door to door and on the highway I encountered a man about 25 years old who spoke English and I was able to tell him about my Best Friend, Jesus Christ and he believed upon Christ.

Costa Rica

Pastor Uriel Castro is a missionary from Mexico laboring in Costa Rica. He has started a church in Alajuela renting a store front building. He is having a true test getting started with many people living in the area. We were able to help him get a car to use in the ministry. This is a great family that love the Lord. She plays the piano and he does a good job leading the singing. I think he will be able to minister to all classes of people there.