I have been able to volunteer with Rock of Ages Prison Ministry and work with Gerald Rice and Larry Key visiting College Campuses. This has been a great opportunity to hand out Bibles and Salvation Tracts to thousands of students. We have been interviewed by students for their classes several times. We have visited young people in these colleges who are from countries all over the world. I was especially excited to meet a man from China who was about 30 years old when we gave him a Bible he started jumping saying you gave me a Bible of my own. We have been to UNC, Appalachian State, Kentucky, West Virginia, and Florida. A young lady who was holding a lunch plate stood and listened for a long time then told us she was a certain religion but she did not have what we were speaking about, she trusted Christ as her Savior. He will turn away no one but will receive anyone who trust him!

Appalachian State University

University of Kentucky

University of Florida