National & International Missionaries

Salt Missions is thrilled and blessed to be working with several national missionaries who are locally based in their countries of ministry.


Emmanuel Ameyaw — Ghana, West Africa
Mawuli Togbi-Wonyo — Togo, West Africa
Bryant & Sharan Crane — George, South Africa

Central America

Jose Samuel Amaya — Honduras
Ernesto Andrade — Honduras
Uriel Castro — Costa Rica
Iliobeert Destine — Haiti
Carlos Gomez — Tosca, Honduras
Henry Gomez — Honduras
Neftali Lopez — Dominican Republic
Juan Robles — Panama

North America

FBHM Secretaries — North Carolina, USA
Neil & Sue Hatfield — Uplands Reach Conference Center | North Carolina, USA

South America

Ram Angad — Guyana
Eduardo Cutipa — Argentina & Peru
Roberto Machaca — Peru
Cecil Mangroo — Guyana
Pedro Melville — Guyana
Jose Simeon Morales — Columbia
Gregorio Murillo — Columbia
Gonzalo Ricardo Rivera — Chile
Manuel Sanchez — Peru

Southeast Asia

Raymond Platon — Philippines
Dominic Kelly — Papua, New Guinea

Ministry Partner Spotlight: Ernesto Andrade, Central America

Pastor Andrade speaks English and Spanish fluently and since I do not speak Spanish, Ernesto is so very important to our ministry. Ernesto lives in Chicago Illinois, where he has pastored for five years. He is now a church planter and will be and has already made connections between me and pastors in Mexico and throughout the Spanish world. He is a faithful obedient man of God. He has traveled with me and others to many countries and knows his way around and understands the customs and needs of these people.

As is true of all the families I work with, these people are doing what they can but are very limited financially. So we come along side and help with what we have as God gives unto us and they can do so much more. These are the people I want to work with. They have a vision to reach every soul in their country. We do medical clinics to reach out to people with the Gospel. Brother Ernesto is a very important key in all this ministry. He is raising support so he can be ready to go when needed. Many times when I go to a country I just sit and listen to the pastors who just need a perspective from an outside source. Some times for hours. My desire is for this work to go on after I am gone. Brother Ernesto can be trusted in ministry. This is hard to find.