Mission Baptist ChurchBecause of several different reasons, Brother David Perryman and I saw a need and were burdened to start a church in Millers Creek, NC. So we rented a building and started holding services at 10:00 on Sunday mornings in December 2013. We started out with 12 and have about 30 now. We now have a pastor, Granville Branch. The Lord has blessed Granville and Summer with 3 great boys, Charlie, Jessie, and Cody. We have commissioned 8 Helps Missionaries so far. We have done a medical clinic and shoeboxes for Kentucky schools mission work. Also doing a Good News Club after school in Wilkes County, NC each week. We have been to WV to the Gleaning For Christ Printing Ministry on a mission trip to help print, fold, cut, assemble, and pack Gospel Tracts. We are busy for He is coming soon.