Local Missionary Partner

Raymond Platon — Philippines

Ministering in the Philippines

We are working with three missionaries in the Philippines. All three are on the island of Manila which is the capital. There are many different religions there, as in most countries, but religion is man trying to work his way to Heaven and true Christianity is God reaching down to man through His Son who left Heaven and came to earth to be the perfect sacrifice man needed and the only sacrifice that God the Father would accept. Jesus Christ is the one and only Door to Heaven.

David dela Paz is the Pastor of Shekinah Glory Baptist Church. His son Michael leads the wonderful choir and teaches in the Bible Institute. This church is reaching out through Evangelistic meetings and campaigns, schools, police, jails, prisons, feeding hundreds of kids each week. This ministry is working very hard to take the Good News to their country.

Raymond Platon is a pastor out of this same church. Raymond’s wife died with Cancer two years ago but he and his kids are working to spread God’s Word to their community there in Cainta. When I met Raymond he only had a motorcycle and with 4 kids he could not take all so we were able to get him a van. He uses the van to take people to church. They are obeying Jesus Command to preach the Gospel to all nations baptizing and disciplining them.

In Bocaue, Bulacan Philippines Pastor Joseph Mercado and his family are working in the fields and God is blessing them to have a good harvest. In 2013 after five years they have organized Lighthouse Baptist Church. Joseph was educated in the United States where he completed Bible College. He was not able to raise much support while in the states and that has dwindled away. We send support monthly as we do all the missionaries we work with by this I mean Betty and I here at Salt Missions. These men can use your prayers and financial support as God leads you.

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