Local Ministry Partners

Ram Angad — Guyana
Eduardo Cutipa — Argentina & Peru
Roberto Machaca — Peru
Cecil Mangroo — Guyana
Pedro Melville — Guyana
Jose Simeon Morales — Columbia
Gregorio Murillo — Columbia
Gonzalo Ricardo Rivera — Chile
Manuel Sanchez — Peru


In Bogota, Columbia with a population of 9 to 14 million and an overall population in the whole country of 43 million, Pastor Gregorio Murillo ministers with his family. God is using this family in mighty ways. They have people saved and they baptize people every Sunday. Each service 400 to 500 fill the Sanctuary. Sometimes for special events as many as 700. We have gone into the schools many times and the reception is amazing. The kids ask for your autograph on their hands or arms. In one of the mission churches I preached two times and another preacher spoke two times. We saw people saved in Restaurants and on the streets. The people are very responsive to the Lord. The weather in Bogota is about 65 degrees each day. If I were going to leave the US I would go to Bogota and live and minister. Pastor Murillo is from Mexico and has been in Columbia for 10 years.

In Bucaramanga, Columbia a city of 2 million people Pastor Jose Morales and his family minister as church planters. They are from Mexico and have been there about two years.They have been robbed three times at gunpoint but have not slowed down. They have seen over 700 make professions. We help them with financial support each month.


Pastor Ram, his wife Onika, and daughter Lisa Marie are national missionary church planters ministering in Kaineville which is close to the capital Georgetown. Guyana has many people groups but the language there is English. The only English speaking country in South America. Pastor Ram is very active with his people and has a vision to reach his country with the good news of Jesus Christ who is the Savior of any who will trust Him.

We have taken over 50 thousand pens and pencils and Salvation Tracts and Bibles to Guyana. We have visited over 50 schools in Guyana so far and have just begun. I will never forget a school master in one of the schools saying to me “we want Jesus Christ taught to all our children so Please come back and visit us”. 17,000 Bibles were shipped to Guyana by a person from Virginia. We are presently trying to raise support to go to Guyana in early November 2014 to build a pastors home for Pedro Melville and a church out in the jungle area. We need $20,000 for this project. Pastor Ram has started 2 mission works one at 15 mile junction and one in the jungle. He also needs a 4 wheel drive vehicle there. Pastor Melville at 15 mile and Cecil Mangroo in the Jungle.


In Arequipa, Peru Pastor Manuel Sanchez and family have been laboring for Christ many years. They are from Mexico. I go to other countries to preach Christ making Him know as much as possible. I don’t go to site see but in Arequipa the snow capped mountains called “Majestic” is the most beautiful scene I have ever seen on this earth. They are so high and so white. Brother Sanchez has 5 mission works also beside his Mt. Hebron Church. They had 1,832 professions last year. They also have a Christian school which I had the privilege to teach English in each morning for a week.

Pastor Eduardo Cutipa is a young man who has a mission work. They have had people saved and are having good progress. Also their first baby this year.


Andres Ramirez and his family are missionaries from Mexico. God desires fruit from Uruguay and is using this family to bring it to pass. They have very little income but are making what they have go far. They are ministering to all the area but very much to the Jewish people. The area is Nueva Helvecia. They are having youth meetings and youth camps.